Miami Water Damage Bathroom Renovations

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There are a few different things that you should consider when remodeling the bathroom that will help you prevent water and mold damage to the property. Older homes are the victims of both of these more often than not, but with modern conveniences like exhaust fans and Schluter-DITRA, you can repair these rooms and prevent future damage much easier than in the past.

The first thing that affects the level of prevention of mold and water damage you have in your new bathroom is simply quality craftsmanship. Hiring the right contractor can be a tricky business, but take your time with this if you do not plan on doing the job yourself. If you can do it yourself and know that your workmanship is top notch, go ahead, but if you have any doubts as to whether you can do a professional job, call a contractor and let them handle it.

The next thing is to inspect the flooring. If you bounce up and down on your feet and the floor wobbles or feels like it is sagging, it needs to be torn up and the joists inspected. If they are weak or rotted, replace them as soon as possible. This is what holds up your floor and if this fails, it all falls under the house.

Once you have a new subfloor prepped and ready, installing a waterproofing membrane like Schluter-DITRA is highly recommended. This helps with a number of different problems. The first is that it stops water from getting to the subfloor you just had to install and the second is that it is a forgiving surface, which means that whatever flooring you install over it will be less likely to crack. Water damage is a serious thing to your home and if you already have issues in your home concerning that, you should contact We Dry Miami.

You can install whatever bath, vanity, and toilet features that you like, but keep efficiency and economy in mind. For example, a dual flush toilet offers two different water usage levels and will allow you to use much less water than the traditional model. Whirlpools and other fancy tubs will use both more water and electricity.

After you have the floor installed and the new fixtures, you should know that most building codes dictate that you have at least a window or an exhaust vent in the bathroom to allow steam to get out of the room. This steam builds up on the walls and ceilings, causing both water damage and mold growth over time. Take the time to install an exhaust vent even if you do have a window in the room, though, since you will not likely want to leave your window open all the time.

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