Miami Water Damage Bathroom Renovations

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There are a few different things that you should consider when remodeling the bathroom that will help you prevent water and mold damage to the property. Older homes are the victims of both of these more often than not, but with modern conveniences like exhaust fans and Schluter-DITRA, you can repair these rooms and prevent future damage much easier than in the past.

The first thing that affects the level of prevention of mold and water damage you have in your new bathroom is simply quality craftsmanship. Hiring the right contractor can be a tricky business, but take your time with this if you do not plan on doing the job yourself. If you can do it yourself and know that your workmanship is top notch, go ahead, but if you have any doubts as to whether you can do a professional job, call a contractor and let them handle it.

The next thing is to inspect the flooring. If you bounce up and down on your feet and the floor wobbles or feels like it is sagging, it needs to be torn up and the joists inspected. If they are weak or rotted, replace them as soon as possible. This is what holds up your floor and if this fails, it all falls under the house.

Once you have a new subfloor prepped and ready, installing a waterproofing membrane like Schluter-DITRA is highly recommended. This helps with a number of different problems. The first is that it stops water from getting to the subfloor you just had to install and the second is that it is a forgiving surface, which means that whatever flooring you install over it will be less likely to crack. Water damage is a serious thing to your home and if you already have issues in your home concerning that, you should contact We Dry Miami.

You can install whatever bath, vanity, and toilet features that you like, but keep efficiency and economy in mind. For example, a dual flush toilet offers two different water usage levels and will allow you to use much less water than the traditional model. Whirlpools and other fancy tubs will use both more water and electricity.

After you have the floor installed and the new fixtures, you should know that most building codes dictate that you have at least a window or an exhaust vent in the bathroom to allow steam to get out of the room. This steam builds up on the walls and ceilings, causing both water damage and mold growth over time. Take the time to install an exhaust vent even if you do have a window in the room, though, since you will not likely want to leave your window open all the time.

Water Damage in Kitchens and Bathrooms

Everyone has let the bath tub or the kitchen sink overflow because we just forgot that the water was running, but if it happens often, you might want to think about the consequences of letting it.

Water damage is quite a serious thing and can cost a decent bit of money to have repaired, so letting the tub, sink, or toilet overflow on a regular basis could end up costing you in the long run.

While there is not much advise to help with that problem other than to just be less forgetful, there are other things that you can do to help prevent water damage from happening to your home.

However, let me make this clear, once you have water damage, you need a local expert such as Damage control 911 of Orlando. Just find your contractor in your city if you already have damage from water.

Whether you take a shower or a bath, they both give off steam in the bathroom, but there is not always anywhere for the steam to go if you do not have a vent installed for just this purpose.

Your ceiling and walls will absorb the steam over time and become damaged. Over time, mold will also start to grow on the walls and you will have a brand new problem to deal with.

Any plumbing that goes to your dishwasher or the washing machine in your laundry room needs to be checked for damage on a semi-regular basis. Any appliance in your home that uses water that comes directly from the plumbing system needs to be checked for cracks or weak spots.

Check also under the kitchen and bathroom sinks for these kind of problems. Leaks can pop up anywhere in the home and at any time, but sometimes they are due to simply not keeping a check on the plumbing.

A roof that has a leak in it is also a serious cause of water damage. It not only wets the insulation in the attic (causing it to be useless and heavy on your ceiling), but it also leaks through that insulation and soaks the drywall on your ceiling, discoloring it and allowing mold to grow.

If you do have a spill, especially anywhere that you have carpet, soak up as much of the water as you can and if it is a large amount of water, it might be a good idea to pull the carpet up and get under it, too.

Unless you have a carpet shampooer and can pull up the water in the carpet immediately, the padding underneath the carpet will also get soaked. Carpet is notorious for allowing mold to grow for a long time without you noticing that there is a problem.

There is loads of information on the industries flagship website, the place experts and trained and certified by ( if you need additional advice, help or guidance.

Common Sources For Residential Home Fires

Fires could ignite in a house a few different ways and having as much knowledge as you can concerning fire caution inside the home is pertinent in stopping that from taking place.

Cooking in the kitchen poses the most amount of risk, but since most people need to do this to live because they are not able to pay to eat at restaurants all the time, it needs to be done. Safety is crucial and that means that one should not abandon food on the stove unattended in the kitchen. If you do have to go out, turn the power off or make sure a family member can watch it while you are out.

Space heaters that you need during the cold season might also bring a considerable amount of risk. They need not be put around furniture, drapes, or any other combustible thing. Another thing you may want to consider is that extension cables ought never be used with items that use a good bit of electricity or put out a large amount of heat. Electric skillets and deep fryers are in that group along with electric heaters and if you connect a regular home extension cable with them, they can melt.

If you like cigarettes, this could be an additional cause of fire in the house. When you need to pour out the ashes, make sure everything in the tray is entirely put out. An important thing you should never do is smoke when you sit in bed. You should not permit yourself become too comfortable on a sofa, since you could doze off and letting go of the cigarette, whether on the sofa, bed, the carpet, or yourself.

Electric blankets are a wonderful convenience, but the bad thing concerning these is that people almost always leave them on all night when asleep instead of simply using them to heat up the bed.