Get an Electric Kettle

If there is one thing that every home needs to have in the kitchen would be the electric tea kettle. This may seem rather odd given that an electric tea kettle may only have one real use: to boil water. However, you may be surprised to find that this unitasker is one of the most underrated tools in your kitchen. Here are some reasons why you should appreciate your electric kettle more and why you should get one if you do not have one.

The first thing that you should understand about your electric kettle is that if you like tea then you really need to use your electric kettle to create it. This is because simply boiling a pot of water and throwing a tea bag into it will not necessarily yield the flavor that you want from the tea.

The thing about tea is that it has an optimal brewing temperature and time. The only way that you can be sure how hot your water is would be to constantly use a thermometer. However, if you have a modern electric kettle, there is a very good chance that your kettle has a variable heat control setting. This means that you can reach the optimal temperature for any tea that does not require, or even needs less than, boiling hot temperatures to achieve its best flavor. You can learn more about teas and kettles at Brew Freshly.

Another reason why the electric kettle is the unsung MVP of your kitchen is because the ability to quickly boil water is one of the most underrated abilities of any unitasker. This is not a unitasker that simply peels a melon in an odd shape, or helps you make the “perfect” pancake. This thing allows you to quickly heat water to the temperature you need in less than a minute. That is pretty incredible and has so many uses that to list them here would take the time to write a small phone book.

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