Deep Pocket Flannel Bed Sheets

I have been searching for the perfect set of deep pocket flannel bed sheets for about a month now. I have spent countless hours inside of many different shopping centers looking for a deep pocket flannel bed set for my bedroom.

If you haven’t guessed by now, I didn’t have much luck. I knew what I was looking for and I wouldn’t settle for anything less. Then I found a place called Bedspace. It is a site that my friend Megan used when she purchased her Mulberry Silk bed sheet set.

She suggested that I get on their and take a look. So I did. That is when I found the perfect deep pocket flannel bed sheets with unparalleled warmth.

Bed Sheets To Be Proud Of

I ordered my bed sheets from bed space because they had exactly what I was looking for. They had deep pocket flannel bed sheets in my favorite color and the perfect size for my bed.

They were defiantly bed sheets to be proud of. I will never order bed sheets from any other site again.

You can read this for more info.

The Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets On The Market

For some people, great is not good enough. Egyptian cotton sheets are nice. Egyptian cotton sheets that are 300 thread count are great. The best Egyptian cotton sheets are 500 count, and there are very few high quality Egyptian cotton sheets that produce at this thread count.

You might be thinking that you’ve seen some Egyptian cotton sheets at 800 or 1,000 thread count. These elevated thread counts are a trick used by low quality manufacturers who want to play on consumer buzz words.

Egyptian cotton sheets are prized because of the long cotton fibers. These manufacturers use shorter, lower quality fibers twisted together to create their sheets. Because 4 threads might be twisted together, they multiply their thread count numbers.

These sheets are often priced lower than others, claiming quality and value, but you will open the package to find rougher, lower quality sheets that will barely last you a year or two, hardly luxury Egyptian cotton sheets.

So how do you find the best of the Egyptian cotton sheets? You’re in luck, because we found them for you. A lot of review lists include 5 or 10 products, but in this case, the top 3 was enough.


Because there aren’t very many brands that turn out to be quality, and real 500 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets are expensive. If you’re looking for luxury, this is where you’ll find it.

SFERRA Luxury Hotel 4 Piece Queen Sheet Set

Hotel sheets are the best sheets you’ve ever slept on sometimes, especially good ones. The Sferra brand hotel sheets are great. These beautiful sheets will have you sleeping like a baby. The neat part is that, unlike a lot of luxury sheets, this comes already as a set. If you’ve not shopped for high end sheets before, you won’t know, but you normally have to choose them individually. This means that you buy the fitted sheet, the flat sheet, and the pillowcases separately.

Peacock Alley Luxury Linens

Peacock Alley has some lovely Egyptian cotton sheets, and they’re known for their quality. The company has a Luxury Linens line that rocks our socks off. All their sheets are 100% Egyptian cotton, but they normally run about 300 thread count. These 500 thread count sheets are a work of art. The stitching is amazing. These sheets are imported from Italy, and like many Italian imports, you’ll want to spend a lot of time with them. They are a percale weave, meaning they are soft and make for a fluffy bed. You’ll feel like you’re laying on a cloud.

Yves Delorme Athena 4PC King Sheet Set – Palace Collection

Our favorite among the bunch is this sheet set from Yves. That’s right, another set. This four piece king size sheet set will set you back a pretty penny, but there’s no need to pick out separates. It runs about what you’d pay for these pieces individually, but the company thought to package them together for your convenience. The sheets are a luxurious percale weave and have beautiful piping along the edges, creating a look normally reserved for royalty. This is great because the collection is called The Palace Collection, and it’s certainly apt. It’s no surprise that these beauties are imported from France.